Deacon Nicholas Moragues

Deacon Nicholas Moragues
Pastoral Assistant

I was born in March of 1979 on an Air Force base in Frankfort, Germany. Being Air Force “brats” as the Air Force referred to their children in jest, my siblings moved considerably. However I was fortunate enough to be the last of four children and at this time my father was starting to settle down in Texas and so I was raised primarily in Austin and Denton Texas. I loved swimming and tried my hand at both soccer and baseball but it was my participation in Karate and Boy Scouts that really developed my skills and character. I have three sisters; Jeanine, Jennifer and Cathy. Jeanine my youngest sister (deceased) shared the disease of Cystic Fibrosis with me. She and I had often come together in our battle against the disease, which allowed us to be victorious together.

Eventually I left for college at Franciscan University in Steubenville Ohio where I received a bachelor’s in Theology and Philosophy. I later finished my masters in Theology at St. Thomas University in Houston. My wife Brenda and I met in college but married a few years later and we have one daughter together named Alexandra who is preparing to enter 6th grade. We recently bought a house in Kansas City and are settling in. We love to geek out and watch nerdy shows like Star Trek and Dr. Who in our down time but we also put a great importance on our faith life.

I have been working for the Church my entire adult life and so five years ago Brenda and I discerned together that I should join the diaconate program and seek formation for ordination. With the help of heaven, family and friends I was ordained on June 3, 2017. I have always loved and served the Church but I am blessed to serve her with new zeal and new grace through ordination. Throughout my family life, both as a child and adult and from my diaconate formation, I have always been in love with the Holy Eucharist. Receiving Jesus in communion is THE reason I am Catholic and certainly the source of my salvation. While I may have many opportunities, duties, and scheduled events at Sacred Heart it will be the celebration of Christ’s Body and Blood with you each week that I will look forward to and will bond me with you as a family.

Holiness is your goal and mine, for our families and our church community. Let us grow in holiness through growth in humility. St Bernard of Clairvaux, my favorite saint, was once asked “what are the three most important virtues?” and he famously answered, “Humility, humility, humility”.

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