Adult Bible Studies

This is My Body (with Fr. Zarse)

Thursdays 6:30-8:30pm
Starts January 25

Location: the Church

3 Sessions

Join Fr. Zarse in a 3-week book study where he will guide us through Bishop Robert Barron’s book, “This is My Body.” The book serves as a valuable resource to help us gain a deeper understanding of the sacrament of Jesus’ Body and Blood, especially during this time of Eucharistic Revival. Its purpose is to help us grow in our love for the Lord. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!


The Bread of Life: The Eucharist in Galilee

Mondays 6:30-8:30pm
Starts January 16

Location: Conference Room 33

5 Sessions

Acclaimed author and teacher Dr. Brant Pitre digs down to the biblical roots of the Eucharist, through its foreshadowing in the miraculous events of the Old Testament, the Gospels, and Apostolic teaching. “The Lamb of God,” “The Bread of Life,” “The Body and the Blood of Christ”... these are phrases we know from the Mass. But do we understand what they mean in the greater and deeper context of Scripture and Church teaching? We’ll discover firsthand how Christ’s Body and Blood are an integral and wondrous part of God’s plan for our salvation.


Romans “The Gospel of Salvation”

Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm
Starts January 17

Location: Conference Room 33

Fee: Order online*

8 Sessions

Paul’s letter to the Romans has been at the center of reflection, conversion, and controversy from the time it was written. Presented by Andrew Swafford and Jeff Cavins, Romans: The Gospel of Salvation provides an authentically Catholic, comprehensive, and simple way to understand the overarching theme of Romans—salvation. This fascinating book reveals that salvation is not merely the removal of a guilty verdict; it is about entering into Christ’s life, death, and resurrection and sharing in his divine life.


No Greater Love (A Biblical Walk Through Christ’s Passion)

Tuesdays 6:30-8:00pm
Starts February 15

Location: Meeting Room 1-2

Fee: Order Online*

A LENTEN STUDY - 5 Sessions

Will you Follow Jesus to Calvary? Filmed on location in the Holy Land, No Greater Love is a biblical pilgrimage that reveals Christ’s amazing love for us. Experience a deeper understanding and appreciation of God’s immeasurable and unconditional love for you – grow closer to Jesus than you ever have before. Link to order book is in registration.