Returning to Mass – What to Know

Please read this important information before reserving your tickets below.  If these details are not followed you will not be able to come into the church building.  Thanks for your understanding.

 Important considerations:

  • Each person must bring their own mask and wear it while in the building;

  • each person must sanitize their hands upon entering the facility;

  • each person is asked to use the restroom at home prior to attending Mass;

  • each person will be seated by an usher with a six-foot distance between families;

  • each person is asked to stay in their seat once they have been seated by an Usher;

  • we ask that no one stand or congregate in the hallways or Narthex during Mass, but remain seated;

  • The Cry Room will be closed during these Mass times (if you need to take your child out of the worship area, go into the Narthex (Lobby) or use the hallways;

  • each person is asked to please receive Communion in their hands by creating a cup with their hands so that the Host can be gently dropped on the hand.  In addition, you will need to keep your mask on until the Minister puts the host in your hand.  At that time, turn away from the minister and walk several feet away heading back to your seat, pause, and with your one free hand, gently lift your mask and then put the host in your mouth with your other hand. 
    • If a person must receive on the tongue they are asked to wait until the end of Mass and let the Priest know they would like communion.  The Priest will then wash his hands after every distribution;
  • each family is asked to go directly to their cars once celebrant dismisses the community;

  • each parishioner is asked to pray for all of us during these trying times of the pandemic.

Click the Mass Reservation button below to reserve your seat at an upcoming scheduled Mass.

Live Streams for the 6:30 am Mon-Fri Mass, as well as the 4:30 p.m. (Saturday) and 9:30 a.m. (Sunday) Masses can be found here.

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