Volunteers Needed to Assist RCIA

Are you feeling “called” to support or share the faith? Perhaps you are interested in assisting our RCIA process here at SHoJ? It certainly takes a team of faithful individuals to provide a loving and inviting community to our Catechumens, Candidates and Returning Catholics. By virtue of our baptism, each one of us is called to spread the Good News and further the kingdom of God. Please further His kingdom by sharing your gifts with RCIA. You will not regret the time and effort you give to these beautiful souls! What role do you feel God could be calling you for?

*Sponsor – are you a practicing Catholic and wish to share your love of our faith with those coming into RCIA process?

*Catechist – is there a Catholic teaching/doctrine that you are passionate and well-formed about and would like to guest lecture?

*Prayer Partner Coordinator – coordinate community prayer support for RCIA participants.

*RCIA Retreat Help – provide behind the scenes assistance on day of RCIA retreat, Sat, Apr 1.

*Easter Vigil Reception Help – help with set up/ take down/food and beverages, Sat, Apr 8.

*Catechumen Dismissal Volunteer – be part of small group that breaks open Word of God with Catechumens during 9:30 Mass beginning Sun, Nov 20.

You can reach Charlene Mies at 913-422-5700, ext. 241 or Charlene.mies@SHOJ.org if you are interested in any of these roles. Thank you for your consideration!