Virtus Training Updates and Reminders

All volunteers, along with parish and school staff who work with children or youth of the Archdiocese are required to take the class ahead of volunteering. The training is currently being conducted online at At the time you register for the training you will be asked to complete a background check and sign digitally three Archdiocesan specific documents as well as watch the training video. Please register from a laptop or PC but not from a smartphone/tablet. You will need to complete this all at one time as there is no starting, stopping, and then trying to start again. Once completed, if you will be volunteering/working around children on a weekly basis you will receive monthly Virtus bulletins to the email address you registered with. It is mandatory that these highly informative bulletins are completed monthly (completion takes maybe 5 minutes). It is also mandatory that you complete any additional training modules that the Archdiocese may assign to you.

Already Virtus Trained? Please log in to your Virtus account at and make sure that you have read the mandatory monthly bulletins (if assigned to you) and the mandatory online training modules (if assigned to you) so that your account remains active. If you are no longer volunteering/working with children/youth of the parish or Archdiocese you can request that your account be made inactive, however, note that should you want your account activated later on you will need to at that time catch up on any outstanding bulletins and/or training modules.

Sacred Heart’s Virtus coordinator is Maureen Reintjes. If you have questions or if you change roles or change frequency of involvement with children, or would like your account inactivated, please contact Maureen at 913-422-5700, ext. 250 or at