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What is Realm?

  • Realm is a new administrative tool our staff is using to keep track of parish membership, contributions and the daily operations at SHoJ
  • Realm is allowing SHoJ more ways to communicate and connect as a church
  • SHoJ highly encourages every registered parishioner to participate and Get in our Realm!

Why Use Realm?

  • SHoJ understands that not everything happens at the church. Realm will help us serve you better between Sundays
  • Registered parishioners can connect from anywhere, at any time, right from your mobile device
  • We’ll stay organized and you’ll stay informed about all of SHoJ’s opportunities

Realm FAQs:

Q: I have not received an email invitation from Realm. Why?

1. The parish office may not have an email address for you or may have an incorrect email address. To make sure, email Julie Krause
2. Make sure your email provider has not spammed or blocked the email:
a. Check your Spam folder
b. Add: to your address book/contacts list
c. Google “how to whitelist an email address” for your specific domain (i.e. Google, AOL, Yahoo, etc) and follow those instructions to whitelist the above email
d. Internet browser: be sure to be using the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari (Realm will not work with Internet Explorer)
3. If you continue not to receive the invitation reach out to Julie Krause

Q: I got the email invitation but I am having trouble activating my profile.

A:  Initially it is best to activate your profile using a PC or laptop.  Sometimes using a mobile device such as your phone or iPad will ask for an activation code (which isn’t related to Realm) but inherent to the device you are using.  Sometimes you will be able to work around that and sometimes you will not be able to. 

Q: Is a married couple supposed to have two profiles?

A:  Yes they can.  Although each spouse can activate “separate” profiles the family & giving still remains connected between the two profiles.

Q: But why would each spouse want their own profile?

A:  With separate profiles, each spouse can determine how they wish to receive notifications when something is posted on Realm or what they would like shared with the parish community (i.e. phone number, email, etc).  In addition, spouses might belong to different SHoJ groups (ministries) and only want to be notified when something gets posted in the group they are active in. 

Q: My spouse and I share an email address and don’t want to change that. Is that ok?

A:  Yes!  You can certainly set up one Realm account for your family.  You can share that login information with your spouse in case they ever need to access the family account. 

Q: Even though I set up a profile, I’m still getting Realm reminders to set up an account. Why?

A:  This happens when we have the same email address on both spouses’ profiles.  One spouse might have received the Realm invitation and activated an account. The other spouse will continue to get “invited” via the same email address that is associated with that profile.  You can resolve this by:

  1. Email Julie Krause and give a different email address for the spouse.  We will update their profile and resend a Realm invitation so they can activate their own profile
  2. If you just want one family account (which is perfectly fine!), email Julie Krause to indicate your wishes and we will remove the Realm reminder altogether which will stop the reminder email from occurring.  If in the future, the spouse wants to set up their own profile, just notify the parish office of the new email address and an invitation will be generated.     

Q: I have adult children that no longer live at home showing up in my profile but it won’t let me delete them.

A:  You can modify/edit some personal information on your profile but you can’t delete anything.  To deactivate those family members that no longer live at home, please call or email Linda Long and she can update your family profile. 

Q: I see a 2018 contribution statement tab but it shows $0 when I click on it. Why?

A:  Data was converted over to Realm as of 1/1/19 so no historical data is in there.  However, previous giving can be requested by calling or emailing Julie Krause (  However, all giving received after 1/1/19 is now recorded into Realm and you can access your giving at any time now or in the future. 

Q: Can I set up auto giving through Realm?

A:  YES!  You sure can!  Setting up a one time or recurring gift is easy in Realm.  Log in, click on the Giving tab on the left, click on “+Give”, follow the steps on that page and then click “GIVE” to submit. For a how-to video, go to


Q: I can’t find the Realm website link? Help!

A:  If you no longer have the link it is always available on our website: – click on REALM on the menu bar.  The Realm login is on the right side of that page.

Q: Does Realm have a mobile app?

A:  Yes – download “REALM CONNECT” from the App or Google Play Store.  After activating your profile, you can do almost anything with Realm within the app itself – sign up for events, manage your giving, update your profile, etc. 

Q: Will SHoJ use Realm to replace the current software for scheduling liturgical ministries?

A:  Currently Realm’s product development team has this on their horizon.  It is currently on their “Road Map” of enhancements for late 4th Quarter 2019 and once released it is our hope that it will serve our needs for ministry scheduling.  For now, we will continue to use Ministry Scheduler Pro. 


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