Adult Retreats

The 99 Experience

March 5

8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Location: Sacred Heart

One day of retreat, all meals included

As Catholics, we do not see ourselves as needing to be found, like the “one” sheep who has gone astray; nor do we see the need to seek after that “one” through evangelization. The 99 Experience inspires us to recognize that we need continuous encounter with Christ! It is a call to recognize that we just might be that one lost sheep, even though we are part of Jesus’ flock...It is also a call to recognize when we at times need to be the shepherd to others, leaving the flock to spread the Gospel message!

Please join us for The 99 Experience, a powerful encounter with Christ that will be a springboard for deepening our faith as we grow in identity, purpose, and community!

Consecration to the Blessed Mother

Starts: January 9,
February 20,
April 10,
April 28

Fee: FREE book (call the parish office at 913-422-5700)

Self Retreat

This program begins with the Immaculate Heart, because Mary leads us to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Starting with the book 33 Days to Morning Glory: A Do-It-Yourself Retreat in Preparation for Marian Consecration and its accompanying group-retreat materials, which consist of 6 DVD lessons that are 30 minutes in length and a Retreat Companion for each participant, the goal of this program is to lead us to formally entrust ourselves to Mary, as Christ did at the Annunciation and as He willed for His disciples to do at the foot of the cross.

The Consecration date page and checklist makes the planning, organization, and implementation of 33 Days simple, and your consecration day a beautiful and memorable day.

Consecration to Saint Joseph

Starts: January 1,
February 15,
March 30,
April 11

Fee: $15 - order the book at

Self Retreat

Fr. Calloway explains that St. Joseph is the “increaser.” He has paternal love for you and the power to increase the presence of God in your life and take you to greater heights in the spiritual life.

The Church and the world greatly need St. Joseph. We need him to help us return to the love of Jesus and to living the lives of virtue. We desperately need St. Joseph’s protection as well. The family – the foundation of society – is under attack. The family of God – the Catholic Church – is also undergoing vicious assaults from the world, the flesh, the devil and some of her own children.

We need St. Joseph to protect us. He is our living and merciful spiritual father, holy, strong, and ready to help. He protected the Holy Family; he will protect us, too, if we entrust ourselves to his paternal heart and his spiritual care.

Purchase the book on Amazon or call the Parish office.