Hospitality Ministries

“Let mutual love continue. Do not neglect hospitality, for through it some have unknowingly entertained angels.”

—Hebrews 13:1-2

Brown Bottle

brown bottle

What We Do: Provide an annual fellowship opportunity for parishioners while providing additional financial support to parish efforts.

Whom We Serve: Parishioners

Training: N/A

Time Commitment: Varied

Contact: Tara Green at

Coffee and Donuts

coffee and donuts

What We Do: Serve coffee and donuts after one of three Sunday Masses.

Whom We Serve: Parish

Training: Instructions are posted in MPC

Time Commitment: One Mass per month or as available.

Contact: Tara Green at

Golf Tournament

What We Do: Plan and facilitate a local Golf Tournament which provides opportunity for fellowship as well as raise funds for Sacred Heart. Planning before the event and day of event volunteers are needed.

Whom We Serve: Parish Community

Time Commitment: Varies on role.

Contact: Tara Green at, tel:913.422.5700 ext. 253

Narthex Information Desk


What We Do: Central point for members and first time visitors.

Whom We Serve: Parish Community and visitors

Training: 1 - 2 hour training

Time Commitment: 1 - 3 hours per month

Contact: Tara Green at, tel:913.422.5700 ext. 253

New Parishioner Welcome Committee

new parishioner welcome committee

What We Do: We share hospitality by inviting guests to events to be welcomed where they learn of opportunities to become engaged in our parish life.

Whom We Serve: New Parishioners

Training: 1 Hour orientation session

Time Commitment: Quarterly Luncheons/Dinners (approximately 2 hours each)

Contact: Jessica Friedrichs at, 913.333.1848

Social Committee

social committee

What We Do: Create and market year round fellowship opportunities and events for parishioners.

Whom We Serve: Parish

Training: Spirituality of Stewardship

Time Commitment: Monthly meetings (1.5 hours each) with additional time volunteered to organize and serve at social events.

Contact: Tara Green at

Social Seniors Committee

social seniors

What We Do: Meets quarterly to plan social opportunities and outing for seniors (60+) in the Parish.

Whom We Serve: Parish Community

Time Commitment: 1 - 2 hours per quarter

Contact: Jane Wynne at and Carol Green at